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Recent USCF Tournaments in North Carolina

Tournament NameCityDatePlayersResultTournament Website
FAQ AUG 23CHARLOTTEFriday, August 23, 201914USCF Crosstablewebsite
GREENSBORO MATCHGREENSBOROFriday, August 23, 20192USCF Crosstable-
AUGUST MINICAMP 2019 WK 3CHARLOTTEWednesday, August 21, 201957USCF Crosstable-
RETIRED GUYS 8-20-2019WILSONTuesday, August 20, 20196USCF Crosstablewebsite
TRIANGLE CHESS 18 AUG 19 K-12MORRISVILLESunday, August 18, 201924USCF Crosstablewebsite
ACC AUGUST OPENASHEVILLESaturday, August 17, 201914USCF Crosstable-
2019 BORDER BATTLE (NC V SC)CHARLOTTESaturday, August 17, 201938USCF Crosstablewebsite
PACO IVGREENVILLESaturday, August 17, 201919USCF Crosstablewebsite
FAQ AUG 16CHARLOTTEFriday, August 16, 201920USCF Crosstablewebsite
AUGUST MINICAMP 2019 WK 2CHARLOTTEWednesday, August 14, 201932USCF Crosstable-
TRIANGLE CHESS 11 AUG 19 K-12MORRISVILLESunday, August 11, 201917USCF Crosstablewebsite
CCCSA: REVERSE ANGLE 99CHARLOTTESaturday, August 10, 201954USCF Crosstablewebsite
CK&Q SATURDAY CARY RAPIDSCARYSaturday, August 10, 20198USCF Crosstable-
FAQCHARLOTTEFriday, August 09, 201911USCF Crosstablewebsite
AUGUST MINICAMP 2019 WK 1CHARLOTTEWednesday, August 07, 201919USCF Crosstable-
BLITZ BATTLEGREENSBOROWednesday, August 07, 201912USCF Crosstablewebsite
THE RICOCHET 171ASHEBOROTuesday, August 06, 20195USCF Crosstablewebsite
GCEC AUGUST CAMP G/45GREENSBOROMonday, August 05, 20196USCF Crosstable-
MEGA MASTER CAMP TOURNAMENTCHARLOTTEMonday, August 05, 201930USCF Crosstablewebsite
TRIANGLE CHESS 4 AUG 19 K-12MORRISVILLESunday, August 04, 201918USCF Crosstablewebsite
RATED SCHOLASTICCHARLOTTESaturday, August 03, 201947USCF Crosstablewebsite
TACO 97RALEIGHSaturday, August 03, 201974USCF Crosstablewebsite
FAQCHARLOTTEFriday, August 02, 201923USCF Crosstablewebsite
ACC ASTRAGALUSASHEVILLEWednesday, July 31, 20198USCF Crosstable-
MASTER TREK CXLVDURHAMSunday, July 28, 201942USCF Crosstablewebsite
TRIANGLE CHESS 28 JULY 19 K-12MORRISVILLESunday, July 28, 201924USCF Crosstablewebsite
CCCSA: REVERSE ANGLE 98CHARLOTTESaturday, July 27, 201957USCF Crosstablewebsite
CK&Q SATURDAY CARY RAPIDSCARYSaturday, July 27, 201915USCF Crosstable-
BURLINGTON G60 VIBURLINGTONSaturday, July 27, 201913USCF Crosstable-
TRIANGLE CHESS JULY 27 2019MORRISVILLESaturday, July 27, 201917USCF Crosstablewebsite
CCCSA: FRIDAY ACTION QUADSCHARLOTTEFriday, July 26, 201912USCF Crosstablewebsite
2019 U.S. G/60 CHAMPIONSHIPCHARLOTTESunday, July 21, 2019131USCF Crosstablewebsite
TRIANGLE CHESS 21 JULY 19 K-12MORRISVILLESunday, July 21, 201918USCF Crosstablewebsite
CK&Q SATURDAY CARY RAPIDSCARYSaturday, July 20, 201912USCF Crosstable-
2019 U.S. G/30 CHAMPIONSHIPCHARLOTTESaturday, July 20, 2019123USCF Crosstablewebsite
HVCC 37HENDERSONSaturday, July 20, 201916USCF Crosstable-
2019 U.S. G/10 CHAMPIONSHIPCHARLOTTEFriday, July 19, 201953USCF Crosstablewebsite
QUICK STUDY 61ASHEBOROTuesday, July 16, 201913USCF Crosstablewebsite
GCEC JULY CAMP G/45GREENSBOROMonday, July 15, 20197USCF Crosstable-
CCCSA: MEGA MASTER CAMPCHARLOTTEMonday, July 15, 201925USCF Crosstablewebsite
TRIANGLE CHESS 14 JULY 19 K-12+MORRISVILLESunday, July 14, 201913USCF Crosstablewebsite
THE ASHEBORO OPEN 121ASHEBOROSaturday, July 13, 201937USCF Crosstablewebsite
TACO 96RALEIGHSaturday, July 13, 201961USCF Crosstablewebsite
JULY JUBILATIONASHEVILLESaturday, July 13, 201921USCF Crosstable-
CCCSA: FRIDAY ACTION QUADSCHARLOTTEFriday, July 12, 201913USCF Crosstablewebsite
GSO BLITZ BATTLE JULY 2019GREENSBOROWednesday, July 10, 20196USCF Crosstablewebsite
THE RICOCHET 170ASHEBOROTuesday, July 09, 20194USCF Crosstablewebsite
TRIANGLE CHESS 7 JULY 2019 K-12+MORRISVILLESunday, July 07, 201914USCF Crosstablewebsite